The Master Bathroom

Last Sunday we finished the master bathroom. It was a hard weekend getting it done. It felt like the universe was against us getting this room done, but we finished and we love it. Here’s the before photo for a reminder of the hunting lodge:

And now for the after photos:

Got to have a monogrammed towel:

Our little gallery wall:

There are a couple of items in the gallery wall that I want to call attention to. The first is on the top right. It is one of my great grandmother’s (on my mother’s side) handkerchief’s. Her name was Bernice Cone Brooks. I think the “B” is appropriate, yes? It’s very special to me. I carried it at my grandmother’s funeral in November but was too frightened to use it for fear of getting makeup all over it. Then in December I carried it at my sister’s wedding in my bouquet. Now it has a special place in my bathroom.

The plate in the middle on the first row doesn’t really have a special significance, it is just my favorite plate. It’s from Anthropologie and about this time last year Matthew and I were working out in the living room of our old house and it fell off of the piano where we had it and shattered into four pieces. Luckily I was able to glue it back together.

This is actually from a card I received from a friend, but it was created by a very talented lady I know. I would love to have a huge piece of art from her in my house one day. Click here to purchase some of her smaller works from Etsy.

The last piece of art in our bathroom was a Christmas present from my sister. It was created by the talented Inslee. I just love her work and this is one of my favorites. Maybe it’s because I tend to rock a pony quite often!

So there you have it: our newly painted, much brighter and fresher bathroom.

4 thoughts on “The Master Bathroom

  1. It looks amazing!! So much brighter and lighter. I have a handkerchief of my great grandmother’s too – I carried it at my wedding and did totally get makeup on it, but it came clean without too much fuss thankfully! Come to think of it, I’m not sure where it ended up after the move – you’ve motivated me to go track it down and do something special with it! 🙂

  2. Haley, it looks awesome!! Can’t believe how different it looks just with different paint and loved how you incorporated special pieces into your wall art. Want to come decorate/renovate our house?? 🙂

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