Clementine and Geoffrey

Yesterday Clementine was snoozing on the couch between looking out the window for squirrels. The light was so nice on her face I had to grab my camera and snap some photos of sweet Clementine.

And of course Geoffrey couldn’t be left out. He loves to sit behind the couch and look out the window or snooze. He was, however, less cooperative than Clem with these photos.

Mimi’s Ring and a Nightmare

It was our anniversary and Matthew was so excited to give me his gift this year. I had known beforehand that he wanted to get my grandmother’s ring reset, so I was pretty excited as well. Unable to conceal his excitement, he handed me a ring box and I tore into it. I was shocked when I finally saw the ring. The diamonds were so much larger than I remembered and they were sitting on top of an orange plastic band. Upon inspection of the ring, I noticed that the diamonds had been hot glued to the band. “I love it!” I told him, the smile never fading from his face. And then a diamond popped off.

And that’s when I woke up.

I had known beforehand that Matthew was going to have my grandmother’s ring reset and that he wanted to give it to me for our anniversary last week. The day before, he walked in the door and I knew he had picked it up. Then he said, “I just hope you like it.” And bam, I am immediately hit with fears that I am trying to rationalize in my head. I kept saying to myself, it can’t be bad, it’s just diamonds…that’s it. The ring is all diamonds. It will be beautiful. And then I went to sleep that night and had the above mentioned dream. It kept me up all night as I tried to reassure myself, there’s no way he can mess this up. I was terrified.

He kept me waiting ALL day. I called m mom and told her about the dream. I told my sister about the dream. That evening I received several texts from Sara asking for a picture of the ring. Finally at dinner he said he couldn’t handle it any longer and he handed me a little black box. I was shocked. It was beautiful, exactly as I hoped it would be and NOTHING like the dream. The diamonds were, in fact, the same size that I remembered them being and they were NOT glued to the band. Putting on that ring, I felt newly engaged, except this time, I don’t have to plan a wedding. A slam dunk on all accounts, I think. And every time I look at it, I get to think about my Mimi…and how she wanted all of her girls to have diamonds. I miss you, Mimi, but am so glad I get a reminder of you everyday. Not that I need the ring to remember you, just that it’s nice to have something tangible.

So…I suppose you want to see it? Here is the original, beautiful ring she had made. I also want to note that she had this ring made out of four different rings, so Mimi was not a stranger to resetting her diamonds.

And here is the ring after Matthew reset the diamonds.

I am one lucky girl.


I have a habit of rearranging furniture…a lot. I think I did it twice last week. the good news it that once I finally have it how I like it, I am content and happy. The downside is it takes me a LONG time to get things how I like them. I guess that’s the perfectionist in me. So last week, Matthew brought home a big box full of books for his seminary classes this spring. Add that to the possibly bigger box he brought home in the fall, and we are in major need of shelf space. As much as I have tried to pawn off his books to his office, he sadly has less space there to store books. He shares an office with two other people…who also have lots of books. So…they are staying here, I suppose.

so at about 11:00 the other night I moved a bookcase into the office. Now he already had one in there about the same size but with one less shelf. It also was falling apart. So I took a bookshelf from our living room and moved it into the office which required me moving all of my books somewhere else. Mine are now stuffed in random places until we can figure out a more permanent situation for the books in this house.

So here is what our little reading nook looks like with one less bookcase, and in my opinion, a whole lot more character. I guess it’s a good thing Matthew needed the bookcase in the office, because I like this better than our other setup. But in the future, I am imagining built ins.

The little table definitely needs some work, I am just not sure which direction to go with it, so I will gladly welcome suggestions. Happy Saturday, friends.

It’s a Mad Men Anniversary

If you ready my Valentines post, you would have known there was a hint in there about Matthew’s anniversary present this year. And no one probably knew what it was because I was talking about earrings just about the entire time and because I’ve kept Matthew’s present tightly sealed in my head. Ok, not really. Five people knew about Matthew’s gift this year. My mom and Mary Ann, Sara and Robert (my brother in law), and Robert – Matthew’s dad. Oh…and the Pinterest community…so…actually a lot of people, but not Matthew. And y’all, he spent a week guessing and came SO close. He was so close that it put me in a bad mood all evening because I thought I hadn’t said anything that would lead him to guess his present.

Matthew and I have a tendency to wait until a show is several seasons in, before we start watching it and then we become addicted. Our most recent addiction – Mad Men – and I have a total love/hate relationship with it and Don Draper. I also started the series despising Pete Campbell, but have grown very fond of him recently. Matthew had mentioned wanting a bottle of whiskey so while watching an episode of Mad Men and contemplating what to get him for an anniversary gift, it came to me. Bar cart. So i turned to Pinterest for a little inspiration and found this lovely.


On my search, I found several that I loved, but if I wanted to give Matthew a bar cart, it would also need to be stocked. And from the prices I was seeing, that wasn’t going to be an option. So, while out with my mom and Mary Ann, I mentioned wanting to find some way to make a bar cart for Matthew. Immediately they looked at each other and said, “We have one for you.” What luck. Now, this particular cart will need a little tender lovin’, but it’s nothing I can’t handle…I hope. See that picture above, we’re going to channel all that beauty into the below cart for something lovely.

Unfortunately it is in Bellville, which means I wasn’t able able to refinish this beauty before our anniversary – and to be honest, I am not exactly sure what I am going to do yet. So for our anniversary, I gave Matthew everything he would need for a few drinks with friends and set it out.

While searching for the items, I had to do a little research. Some of it involved calling up my brother in law, emailing my father in law, and actually lifting several glasses to find the perfect old fashioned glass. In my humble opinion, it needed to have a good feel in the hand as I grabbed it, and it needed to feel substantial. Not heavy, but substantial. Oh – and it couldn’t cost a fortune either. I found the perfect glasses at Pottery Barn for ten bucks a piece. And for my hunny, I would have gladly purchased them. After mulling it over in my head, I had made the decision to purchase them. A week later I headed down to the local PB only to find that it was closed for the evening. Now, I could have waited until the next day to purchase them, but when I get excited about a gift, I get extremely impatient. So I thought to myself, “Well, I’ll just head into Bed, Bath and Beyond and see what I find,” not really expecting much. I was wrong. I found these glasses for about $2.50 a piece. They are slightly smaller than the PB glasses I fell in love with, but have the same weight and substantial feel. And for a girl whose husband has a tendency of breaking glasses, these seemed perfect and easily replaceable. And because four were the same price as one of the PB glasses, I also picked up some matching highball glasses for the same price. Eight glasses for the price of two…I’ll take it.

Other items on his future bar car include an ice bucket, two beer mugs, whiskey, gin, tonic and some monogrammed napkins. (Yes, I still have some left over from our wedding four years ago.) And you’ll notice the card I made for him…complete with our Mad Men characters. Matthew’s actually kind of looks like him. Mine? Not so much.

At the end of the day, Matthew said I nailed it. And then he told me that he knew what I was getting him. So much for trying to keep a secret. Better luck next year!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ll admit, I am not a huge celebrator of this holiday. I don’t know that Matthew and I ever exchanged gifts for it except for the first one we were dating…and his mom bought me a T-shirt. Does that count?

Anyways, with our anniversary being two days away, it hardly seems worth it to celebrate Valentine’s day when an anniversary is so much more significant. But, that doesn’t stop me from dreaming up potential gifts for myself, haha. And today, I’m all about earrings. I go in phases with earrings. I’ve had my ears pierced since…5th grade? 4th grade? Mom???? And through the years I have gone in phases or wearing earrings everyday to never wearing them and sticking an earring in each ear occasionally, just to make sure the hole doesn’t close up. But recently I’ve taken to a pair of pearls Matthew gave me for my birthday a year a half ago. He was SHOCKED when I started wearing them only a few weeks ago. (I want to also say that he gave me a beautiful pearl necklace with the earring, which I have worn on many occasions. I just hadn’t circled back to my earring wearing phase yet.)

Maybe it’s all of the Mad Men watching that we’ve been doing recently that made me decide to stick on my pearls, or maybe I’ve finally circled back. Either way, I am loving wearing studs again. And today, I’ve rounded up some of my favorites – because gifts aren’t just for Valentine’s and anniversaries, right? I’ll take a love gift any day.

Earrings above, via Kate Spade and Tory Burch.

Be sure to check back later this week for my gift to Matthew for our anniversary. I am SO excited about it. And Matthew, if you are reading this, there is a hint somewhere in this post about your gift.

Real-life ‘Vow’ couple: ‘You do the right thing’

I think everyone needs to watch this clip below on the real life couple behind The Vow, now in theaters. I haven’t seen the movie, but I really hope that this couple’s faith in marriage and each other is shown in the movie. What I love about this couple? His constant pursuit after the wreck and her choosing to love him. Because let’s be honest…every day you make a choice to love your husband or wife. Some days feels like it’s more of a choice than others. And can we talk about how cute their kids are? The little boy in his glasses kills me.

Real-life ‘Vow’ couple: ‘You do the right thing’.

The Master Bedroom

So now that you’ve seen two peeks of our Master Bedroom, are you ready to see the final product? Well you are in luck.

Two weekends ago Matthew and I tackled the Master Bedroom. I have been itching to paint our bedroom since we moved into the house in May, but I patiently waited while searching out the perfect color every single time we set foot into Home Depot, Lowes or the Sunset Ridge hardware store. I have so many paint chips I could actually make my own swatch book. Then in November I put some on the wall…and decided it wasn’t right. So I went back to Lowes and picked up three more colors to put on the wall. (Actually, I picked up six – three were for the bathroom.)

So Matthew and I had been living in our room with four different colors on all of the walls while we mulled over our choices. See the shot below – our current before photo. Notice the four different shades of light, muted green. Notice one is not so light and muted…yeah, that was the immediate no which took me to Lowes for the next three. In this photo, please also note the droopy curtain rods and high water curtains. We threw the curtains we had on hand when we moved in, so our windows didn’t look so bare, onto the droopy rods left here by the previous owner.

So the paint color we selected is the middle color on the left of the canvas. It is a light green/blue color that looks white as it goes on the wall but dries a beautiful, soothing color. The actual color we chose is Olympic Plantation Moss. A note for prospective paint buyers – Olympic One smells terrible. So terrible that I had to stop several times while painting and breathe in fresh air to get rid of the head ache I received while using this paint. The Valspar paint we used in the bathroom was almost odorless. And yes, our two widows were open with the bathroom windows open as well.

What you can’t see from the above photo is the hideous ceiling fan which puts off a yellow colored light because of the globe. It’s all kinds of funky. I’d love to hang a chandelier, but I think Matthew loves the fan too much. (Not this particular fan, just a ceiling fan in general.) One thing is for sure, that thing needs to come down. Look how intricate it is at the top. Oh my goodness. I think Genevieve would die. (She’s my design idol, by the way. LOVE her.)

But before we could get to painting, we had to do a little patching. Because we live in a house built in 1912 and because the ground below us is made up of a lot of clay, the ground shifts a lot, which means a lot of settling. Thankfully the cracks in our house aren’t bad at all. They are very manageable. I’ve already spoken about fixing the cracks here a little bit. So on Friday night we prepped the room for painting in hopes of having a more productive Saturday than when we painted our bathroom.

And here is our current “after” photo. We’ve made a lot of progress since moving in, which I am thrilled about. We never had a finiahed bedroom in our other house, so this room was definitely a room we wanted to tackle soon after moving in. Now I know that eight months into our house isn’t exactly “soon” but when you are young and on limited funds, eight months is as soon as we could do it. One other project still needs to happen in this room (besides removing that fan), and that is building our bed…or hiring someone to build it. One note about the bed, if you gave us Home Depot cards for Christmas, you funded the materials for our bed, so thanks in advance.

Ok, you ready for the after now I mentioned it several lines up?

And a few more photos of our room. (If you have a good idea about how to make dog crates not look like dog crates, I’m all ears. Unfortunately our pups love their crates too much for us to get rid of them. Our room is the biggest in the house and really the only private area we have, so they are kind of stuck here.)

A couple of elephant book ends that I brought home to San Antonio after visiting my parents shortly after Matthew and I got married. She had them for as long as I can remember and now they sit in our room. I love them against the new wall color.

And our side tables. Matthew and I built these very soon after we moved into the house. It was our first project together with our tools that my dad gave us when we moved in. Thanks, dad! We still each have ten fingers and ten toes! If you want to read more about our side tables, head on over to my photography blog [here] where you will see an even earlier “before” photo of our bedroom.

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend! Mine will be spent dreaming about my next project – which will most likely be finished my desk drawers.

The master bedroom [another peek]

I know it is only another little tidbit from our bedroom. I hope to have real photos of our progress on the blog this weekend, which will include a better representation of the actual color in the walls and two sets of curtains. But for now, a photo of what I did last night.