I have a habit of rearranging furniture…a lot. I think I did it twice last week. the good news it that once I finally have it how I like it, I am content and happy. The downside is it takes me a LONG time to get things how I like them. I guess that’s the perfectionist in me. So last week, Matthew brought home a big box full of books for his seminary classes this spring. Add that to the possibly bigger box he brought home in the fall, and we are in major need of shelf space. As much as I have tried to pawn off his books to his office, he sadly has less space there to store books. He shares an office with two other people…who also have lots of books. So…they are staying here, I suppose.

so at about 11:00 the other night I moved a bookcase into the office. Now he already had one in there about the same size but with one less shelf. It also was falling apart. So I took a bookshelf from our living room and moved it into the office which required me moving all of my books somewhere else. Mine are now stuffed in random places until we can figure out a more permanent situation for the books in this house.

So here is what our little reading nook looks like with one less bookcase, and in my opinion, a whole lot more character. I guess it’s a good thing Matthew needed the bookcase in the office, because I like this better than our other setup. But in the future, I am imagining built ins.

The little table definitely needs some work, I am just not sure which direction to go with it, so I will gladly welcome suggestions. Happy Saturday, friends.

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