A productive evening stroll

When walking (or driving) around San Antonio, you have to keep your eyes peeled. People are constantly putting their “junk” on the street. I am always searching for a great find on the side of the road. This evening was no exception. Matthew and I decided to take advantage of our new hour of daylight and take the dogs for a walk. On our way home, we spotted a chair on the side of the road and a little boy in the yard. After walking passed it, I said, “Matthew, did you see that chair back there?” He had not. But he said he would go see if we could have it. So he asked the little boy if they were giving it away. The little boy said it was for trash pickup but said he would ask his dad if we could take it. His dad agreed. So while I walked two dogs home, Matthew carried this beauty:

Now, it’s got some obvious flaws, but after a little sprucing up, this chair will be beautiful.

Now, to get the desk drawers finished. I am adding this chair project to the bottom of my list for now while I search for the inspiration for this chair and figure out where I want it.

After the walk, the pups were pooped. Laying by the front door is one of their favorite things to do.

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