The Finished Desk

It’s finished! Finally. It only took several months longer than anticipated, but my desk, with totally awesome drawers, is complete, in my office, and was used today. Ready to see it with the drawers?

Filing cabinets! You’ll notice I didn’t waste my time painting the drawers, only the drawer face. I was cutting it pretty close with the paint and because it was so pricey (like $50 bucks for a measly quart) I definitely wasn’t buying more!

And since our office is finally clean, I snapped a few more photos of the space and the elements in it.

A calendar from my sister and art from my mom:

A clock from Target for 7 bucks (score):

And some other things:

Matthew’s desk is across from mine. I need to work on the art above his desk. When we’ve got that all figured out, I’ll snap some photos of it.

I don’t know about you, but I am so glad this project is finished and can be crossed off the list.

5 thoughts on “The Finished Desk

  1. Oh, my goodness… Haley. It turned out so awesome! Big props to you. The entire space looks so clean and crisp. I feel like I should come in for some type of consultation or something so I can sit next to that cool typewriter!

  2. So beautiful! What a dreamy space to be able to work in everyday! Congratulations on completing a fantastic project!

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