The Guest Room [part one]

This summer will bring lots of guests…and by this summer, I mean, the next couple of weeks, starting with my sister and her husband in less than a week! This string of guests gave me just the push I needed to do something about our guest room.

So to remind you, this is what the guest room looked like pretty much since we moved in I cleaned it up. The walls were a dark blue, the side tables were mismatched. Hey, at least I have matching lamps. That’s got to count for something.

And if you know me at all you probably know two things about me. 1) I have a terrible time making a decision. 2) I gather lots of paint swatches. Below is the proof of both of the aforementioned items.

After narrowing done the above swatches as much as I could, I finally decided on 5 samples. After getting those on the walls, I decided that I needed three more samples, just to make the decision that much more difficult. (But hey, that was a decision. We’ll count that as one for me.)

Of course Geoffrey couldn’t be let out of this decision making process.

And like our master bedroom, I let these colors sit on the walls for a little while. Not months like before. This time I made the decision within a week. And because I won’t have the final product to show you until at least tomorrow or Wednesday, I will give you a sneak peek at our color choice. We chose the one in the middle on the far right. It’s Benjamin Moore’s Yarmouth Blue.

And because I wanted to do something with the side tables, here is a below photo of those, along with the bar cart I got for Matthew’s anniversary gift. Hopefully there will be more of that project on the blog soon, but I’ll admit, I had big plans to sand that cart down the same day I did the tables, but I didn’t do it. Shame. And more than that…only one of those tables actually came back into the room. The other I stored in the attic. I might revisit it later…and maybe not.

And that’s it for tonight. Check back tomorrow or Wednesday for the finished (or nearly finished) guest room!

4 thoughts on “The Guest Room [part one]

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