The Guest Room [part two]

You may have seen the following image floating around the internet on blogs and pinterest boards. Well, I am posting it again, because it’s the perfect reminder of creating a cozy guest room. And since I have mentioned that we will soon have guests in the house, I thought I would post it as well, for a check list of sorts, reminding me what might make my guests feel welcome. I can’t say that I have hit all the items on the list, but some of them are definitely in there.

image via The Aestate

Ok, so let’s get to it. First, a little refresher. The before:

And the after. The biggest change is obviously the color on the wall. A little lighter, don’t you think?

Across from the bed is the bench that used to sit in the office. I think it works nicely in here and is the perfect spot for the fresh set of towels awaiting our guests, some water and glasses (I might switch these out for bottled water), and some chocolate. Everyone needs a little chocolate.

The dresser on the left was my mom’s…and I think it belonged to someone else before her…mom? Anyways, on top of the dresser there is information on how to access the internet and some decorative accents.

And on the other side of the bed is the side table I repainted. I just used some paint that I had on hand from the chair redo.

So, what do you think? Lighter? Brighter? Inviting? All in all, I think it is an improvement. And on a limited budget, you have to work with what you got! The only thing I spent money on in this room was the paint and chocolates. Everything else, I owned. I’d say that’s a win.

If you are coming to stay in the next few weeks, I am so thrilled for you to stay with us. I hope you enjoy the room!

5 thoughts on “The Guest Room [part two]

  1. This is so gorgeous! We’re so honored to get to be among your soon-to-be guests! The only problem I foresee is that with a beautiful room like this, you may have a line down the street of people wanting to stay with you! 🙂

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