House guests [part one]

Since getting our guest room ready, we have had two sets of house guests so far and one more coming this weekend. To test out our newly redecorated guest room, my sister and her husband came into town. Robert had to be here for work so Sara tagged along. The great thing about having your family test something out? They can tell you what you need to change. Sara thought a clock would be a nice addition so we went out and bought a simple white one and added it to the dresser.

While she was here, we made some sangria and had some friends over. Our original plan was to sit out on the patio. But with the amount of mosquitos in the backyard right now, we quickly changed that plan and hung out in the living room chatting away for a few hours. It’s amazing what a little girl time can to do rejuvenate a soul.

We used glasses that Mimi gave to me and Matthew before we got married. I love these glasses, but only bring them out every once in a while. They are heavy glasses and could probably sustain more than I give them credit for, but I don’t want to risk it!

In June our BFF Nikki and me are traveling to Little Rock to visit her in her new home. I cannot wait!

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