House Guests [part three]

On Saturday we woke up bright and early to load Chip’s truck with our lawnmower and various other garden and lawn care items and make it to the church in time for breakfast tacos. Each year on Memorial Day weekend, Redeemer holds an event with various service projects for the congregation to be involved in. This year we served with Mark, Rachel, and Jessica at the Strong Foundation pulling out weeds, planting new rose bushes, and cleaning up the lawn.

That afternoon we returned home to shower and relax. I, of course, fell asleep for longer than I intended and by the time Matthew came in to wake me up, it was time to get ready for dinner. We headed to La Gloria at the Pearl Brewery to meet Chip and Jessica. The wait was about an hour, but on the grass was green and the weather was nice. The wait didn’t seem so long.

After getting seated we ordered drinks – mojitos, margaritas, and sangria – and a bunch of yummy food.

And we snapped photos of everyone to document the night.

And thanks to Jessica, Matthew and I finally have a photo of ourselves. This one, I think, we’ll have to print for our house.


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