Memorial Day

On Sunday night we (Rachel and I) decided that we would make an angel food cake with homemade whipped cream for our barbeque with the Nances. So after we watched the Spurs game with Chip and Jessica, we dropped Mark and Rachel off at our house and ran to the grocery store. We were surprised at how busy the grocery store actually was at 11:00 at night. I also noticed that the majority of the customers, myself and Matthew included, and some of the employees were in their Spurs gear. Love it.

So we quickly picked up what we needed and headed back home. Side note, we watched How to Steal a Million when we got home (or I did because I had taken a three and a half hour nap that afternoon and Matthew fell asleep.) Such a cute movie, especially if you are an Audrey Hepburn fan.

Anyways, Monday morning I got up and made the cake to ensure it had enough time to cool completely and then I got to work scouring Pinterest for some angel food cake presentation inspiration.

Another side note, a couple of months ago I told my grandmother I wanted to make an angel food cake from scratch. She advised that I should just buy the box. I don’t think that this was a comment on my baking skills, but more a tidbit of wisdom that she had picked up along the way. After looking at a recipe to make a cake from scratch, I quickly decided that Memaw knows what she’s talking about.

Rachel made the whipped cream by adding sugar and vanilla to some heavy cream and it was delish! We topped the cake off with strawberries and blueberries and voila! A perfect cake for Memorial Day.

And it isn’t a meal with the Nances if sangria isn’t involved. Jessica’s got two great books filled with just sangria recipes, so it’s always fun to see which one she tries.

While the boys were outside barbecuing, we girls were inside preparing the veggies. We had burgers, sausage, grilled corn, grilled peppers, guacamole, and angel food cake for dessert…a lot of yummy, yummy food.

We finished the afternoon off by playing a little wits and wagers, which Matthew won. We also grabbed a photo of all six of us before we had to take Mark and Rachel to the airport.

Great weekend with great friends. We were sad to see Mark and Rachel go, but so glad we got to spend the entire weekend with them and the Nances.

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