Dining Room Chairs [post one]

As I briefly mentioned here, I have started the long process of prepping the dining room chairs. I found these chairs on criagslist for $150. There are eight chairs and a table. I didn’t really want the table, but they were selling it as a set, so I figured I would take it and see what I could do with it. Matthew and I are thinking about hosting an outdoor dinner party…next spring when it is cool enough to eat outside again.

So when it comes down to the “find dining room chairs for a good deal” hunt, $18.75 a piece is not bad at all. While Matthew was gone last week I decided to sand one down and prime it to make sure the primer I was using worked. With my last chair project, I decided the Bin worked pretty well to block stains and discoloration. I don’t have a photo of the chair sanded, but there are seven more. I’m sure I’ll get one eventually. After this trial chair, I plan on sanding the next seven all at the same time (which will most likely involve multiple evenings.)

I also started pulling out the staples in the cushions. There are TONS. This is going to be a very large undertaking. I put on a tv show the other night and took my tiny screwdriver, hammer and pliers to the seat cushion. After an hour, this is what I have to show for it. I only got 1/4 of the staples removed from one cushion. At this rate, I’ll be removing staples for 32 hours. Joy.

9 thoughts on “Dining Room Chairs [post one]

  1. Removing staples for 32 hours definitely is not fun . . . but think about all the hours you will spend enjoying meals with friends and family over the life of that furniture. I bet it will be worth it!!

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