Little Rock [part one]

Well, it is been a month since I last blogged. That is because I have been out of town for three out of the last four weeks. I wish I could say that after visiting Sara in Little Rock, I jetted off to South Africa or Vietnam, but no. I just went into Katy for training. Oh well…one day, right?

Let me just start off by saying…I think Little Rock is fantastic, especially the area where Sara and Robert live. They are about fifteen minutes from downtown in the Heights. From their house you can walk to restaurants, shops, Starbucks, and the grocery store. Seriously, what more do you need in life?? We spent many evening walking around the neighborhood chatting and getting some exercise and it was delightful. Not too hot, not too humid, and only a rare mosquito sighting. Seriously….I can’t say enough good things about their part of town.

The first few days in Little Rock were spent working, but as soon as Wednesday night rolled around, Sara, Nikki, and I were ready for a mini vacation. When we arrived in Little Rock, we ate at a really great restaurant close to Sara’s house but just ordered some salads and sandwiches. While eating, we saw all of these really great pizzas coming out of their brick oven. So on Wednesday night we decided to head back and try some of the pizza and wine. It was delicious.

The following day, we set out early for a hike at Pinnacle Point. Before leaving for Little Rock, I bought a fake camelbak in an effort to be funny…thinking we were going on a leisurely hike. I almost bought a Justin Bieber backpack to be real funny, but I wanted to protect my camera and so I went with the fake camelbak…which may have been the best purchase ever. The hike was by no means leisurely. It was three quarters of a mile straight up a mountain. Seriously. And it wasn’t a hike either. It was more like bouldering. (Not a word, but let’s go with it.)

Here we are, enjoying ourselves thinking the hike was a piece of cake.

We totally got this.

That’s about where we kissed our breath goodbye.

Are you joking?? Now you know what I mean by bouldering. We climbed straight up those…sometimes on all fours.

Not knowing we were near the top, we stopped here to take a little breather.

And when we finally caught our breath the make it to the top, we were rewarded with this view. Just beautiful.

On the way down, Nikki and I decided the much easier, though twice as long, route. Sara went back down the boulders to get the car and meet us on the other side. Oh wait, no she didn’t. She got lost on the way down. Luckily she sent me a drop pin and Nikki and I walked straight to her. We also used Katniss and Rue’s call from the Hunger Games. But it was really the drop pin that did the trick.

Afterwards we rewarded ourselves with fraps from Starbucks, put on our bathing suits and sat in the pool for the rest of the afternoon.

4 thoughts on “Little Rock [part one]

  1. That is some serious climbing! The view on the top looks wonderful, though! Excited to hear more about your trip!

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