Little Rock [part two]

When planning out our activities for our time in Little Rock, we decided to hike first, bathe second. Makes sense right? On Friday we headed over to Hot Springs, just a forty-five minute drive from Little Rock, to go to one of the bathhouses on Bathhouse Row. If you are in the area, I definitely recommend it.

Sara, Nikki, and I decided on the Buckstaff for our bathing experience. There are several different bathhouses in the area, so picking one was really a shot in the dark, but we decided on the Buckstaff after Sara read a review of it online. All in all, I thought it was a wonderful experience. We were given bath sheets to keep ourselves covered throughout the process and everyone was very professional. I had a wonderful lady (Kathy) take me through the whole experience. She told me what to expect at each station, the purpose of each station, and chatted about my grandmother’s ring. I would have loved to have taken photographs of the inside of the place, but once you are inside the changing and bathing rooms, photos aren’t allowed. One note in case you are interested, the bathhouses are very much a bathing experience. If you are expecting a day at the spa, they are not quite that. Keep an open mind. I loved it.

The below is from a little restaurant we ate at on the main strip.

That evening we went out to Cajun’s Wharf where we sat out on the deck, ordered drinks, and listened to some live music.

After dinner, we headed into downtown and spent the evening at a piano bar. It was an interesting evening and we’ll just leave it at that.

On Saturday we did some shopping. I picked up Healthy in a Hurry from Williams-Sonoma and I am loving it. So if you are looking for a good cookbook, check that one out. Saturday afternoon we put on our bathing suits and sat outside in the pool. Robert grilled for us. It was a lovely end to the weekend, because the next day, Sara, Nikki, and I packed up our stuff and made the 8 hour drive back to Bellville.

2 thoughts on “Little Rock [part two]

  1. Those baths sound soooo good right now! Ah, I’m a little jealous. Also, you’re all wearing some awesome accessories in those pictures! So cute. And I got that cookbook, too! I think that means we should plan a dinner double date sometime soon.

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