The Master Bedroom [a new headboard]

If you remember, in February, we left off here:

Since getting the room to this point in February and living with it for a while, we decided that as fun as it would be to build a bed, we would rather buy one. We went from wanting a canopy bed to wanting something upholstered so that the room wouldn’t feel so dark. But our first step in buying a new bed would be to upgrade our mattress. The one we were sleeping on was 16 years old and within the last year, I had really started feeling just how old the mattress was. So when shopping for a new mattress, we decided to go bigger. Both of us like our space when we sleep so we upgraded to a King.

With the upgrade, we would also need new bedding. Well folks, so far we’ve purchased sheets. Why does making a decision on bedding seem like such a final decision? Clearly, it is not. How many times I have changed the bedrooms in our house already? So for now, we are still using the same blankets and duvet we had on our old bed. We did, however, make a decision on a headboard. I am so thrilled with our decision. Buying a new mattress and headboard is really the first major purchase we’ve made (besides our house) since getting married four and a half years ago. What is it about buying furniture that suddenly makes you feel grown up?

We decided on the Gabriella Upholstered Headboard from Pottery Barn and we are pretty pleased. What do you think?

That’s it for now, but I’ve made some more changes to the house that will be coming at you later this week. As my friend Jessica said, “It’s like a game, walking into your house and trying to figure out what you changed.”

5 thoughts on “The Master Bedroom [a new headboard]

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