Martha Stewart Metalic Paint

After visiting my sister in Little Rock, I decided to copy her and buy some gold paint. (She painted the ceiling in her office gold, and it may be my favorite use of paint ever. Seriously….best ceiling ever.) I didn’t paint a ceiling or a wall. I started small with a built in china hutch. It houses my grandmother’s crystal, so I really wanted to glam it up.

To start I picked up some of Martha Stewart’s Metallic Paint from Home Depot and some Frog Tape.  This was my first time using Frog Tape. I usually just use the blue tape, but some other people have used the Frog Tape with a lot of success, so I thought I would give it a try with this little project.

And here is the china hutch with my grandmother’s crystal in it before I repainted it. (As a side note, before it housed my grandmother’s crystal, it had some other glasses that my grandmother gave me as a wedding present in it. They are brown, so they really popped with the white walls. When we moved in, they were red, and I repainted it white the first week we were in our house.)

As you can tell, it just wasn’t that special. You could barely distinguish the crystal as you walked by. This just wouldn’t do. A little gold paint and ta-da:

A little more glam, don’t you think? One of these days I’ll get around to painting the dining room walls. We’ll see how the gold looks then, but for now, I’m loving it.

And for those of you wondering about the Frog Tape, it worked pretty well. Below is a shot of the line. It’s pretty crisp. However, as I pulled it from the underside of the lower shelves, it removed the white paint with it…and in large chunks. They are below eye level, so I haven’t don’t anything about it yet. I’m glad it didn’t pull it from the top of the shelves! Has anyone else had this problem of the Frog Tape removing paint from woodwork??

I had so much fun with the gold paint that I decided to use it on two wine chillers I picked up from Hobby Lobby for a dollar a piece. I first used a white spray paint. Then I tape off the top to give it a little gold rim.

The end result? Let’s just say I pretty much love these one dollar wine chillers. (Is that even what they are called? Help a sista out!)

So…small changes around the house with a nice dramatic gold punch.

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