Porch progress

This week I started tackling the front porch…the area right over the front door. It was an addition the last owner’s made to the house but apparently never got around to painting. They did, however, leave the paint for us. I have not been looking forward to this project. It is hot, hot, hot outside and beyond that, I am slightly afraid of heights. But enough was enough. I was so tired of seeing the porch unpainted and for whatever reason, I decided this is a project that needed to be completed this moth. So not only have I been slowly working away on the porch, I have been conquering a fear as well. The only way to reach most of the porch was by an eight foot ladder.

I got as high as I could on that ladder (or as high as I felt comfortable), and got Matthew to finish the rest. We’re not quite finished, but have made a lot of progress. We’ve still got some of the portions underneath the porch to tackle, as well as the black trim, but it’s already a much more pleasing entrance.

So to remind you, here is the before photo:

And here is our progress:

Hopefully this week I’ll be able to finish the project. and officially cross it off the list.

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