A finished porch

Another one bites the dust. Another project, that is. The other week I blogged about painting our porch and as of Monday evening at 8:30pm, this project is officially crossed off the list. I got into a groove after work on Monday and decided not to quit until I was finished. Matthew got home just in time to finish up the parts I couldn’t reach (my hero).

So to remind you…here is the before:

And the after:

A nice improvement, don’t you think? I’m so happy to cross this one off the list, especially since I was crazy enough to tackle this one in the middle of a Texas summer.

While I had the ladder out, I took my clippers to the lower hanging branches of the two trees in front of our house. By this time is was nearly dark, but I begged Matthew to bring the trash can from the back yard and put the limbs in there while I chopped them down. If only I could reach the one hanging (sitting) directly on the porch.

The other week I talked with my BFF about getting our trees trimmed. When I told her it was something I thought I could do myself, she gently told me that I was insane and made me promise to leave the tree trimming to the professionals. Well, BFF, don’t worry, I wasn’t using a pole saw. I was only using my step ladder and some clippers. I will leave (most) of the tree trimming to the pros and one of these days, we’ll get those trees cleaned up a bit.

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