An impromptu trip to San Marcos and a lovely ottoman

It is very rare for Matthew and me to have a free Saturday and with his seminary classes getting ready to start back up for the fall semester, it will most likely be even more rare. But this past Saturday, we had an almost entirely free day. Matthew had a morning commitment, but that gave me a chance to slowly wake up, which I love to do on a Saturday, and clean around the house, which I admittedly do not love to do. But these things must be done.

By lunch, we were ready to enjoy ourselves for the afternoon so we headed to the outlets in San Marcos with a list of items we were intent on sticking to. A small rug for the kitchen, a large rug for the dining room, a slipcover for the couch, and a shower curtain or other suitable fabric…yeah…I use shower curtains as fabric for pillows and curtains sometimes.

Well, we struck out. We didn’t find anything we were looking for. And then we saw this beauty:

Enter and ottoman that was not on our list of things to buy on Saturday. I made a bee line for it when it caught my eye. We sat and talked it over, and then walked away. It wasn’t on our list. And then we walked back to it. And then we walked out of the store with it. (after purchasing it, of course.) While there, we also picked up a tray to hold some remotes and other various items.

We were deciding between this one and a woven basket tray when Matthew dropped a bomb.

“I’m not really a basket person.”

Whoa! What? Why are you just telling this to me? Here I am thinking you are a basket person and all along you don’t really care for them??

Ok, so not really a bomb. But it took me by surprise none the less. So we decided on this and not a basket. And I am ok with that. But now I am questioning all the other baskets in our house. All three of them that I can see at this moment.

All that to say, moving forward, this ottoman is our jumping off point for the rest of the living room.

4 thoughts on “An impromptu trip to San Marcos and a lovely ottoman

  1. Not a basket person?? What could be less offensive than a basket? 🙂 Too funny, and while I’m sorry you didn’t find the things on your list, that ottoman is a great addition to your living room!

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