A Dining Room dilemma

Forever and always the ability to make a decision, feel confident in it, and stick to will remain a character flaw of mine. Some people label this perfectionism. I call it annoying.

Matthew is away on a guy’s trip this weekend. This evening my sister texted me to tell me she was repainting her house…living room, dining room, bathroom…and suddenly I had the urge to go buy paint. I pulled out my bagillion swatches I’ve been storing, ready to make a decision. I was going to drive myself right on over to our local Home Depot, buy the paint, and paint the living room and the dining room…all in one night. The obvious flaw in this plan is my line of thought that has me thinking I can whip out two painted rooms in one night. So I restrained myself from going to Home Depot.

All that to say…I think I have a paint color picked it. It’s one I keep going back to which tells me I should just use it already. And then a little voice creeps in and tells me to put 15 samples on the wall just to make sure. I’m hoping to avoid that.

So tonight I sat down to make some decisions, and here’s hoping I stick to them! I started with some inspiration photos:

Image sources: One, Two, Three

And here is what I’ve decided:

1. I want grey walls.

2. I have a round dining table that will be sanded and refinished.

3. I have 8 Queen Anne chairs that will be refinished.

4. I want to use Belgian linen for the cushions.

5. One day, I hope to have someone do some built-ins for me.

That leaves me with art, accessories, curtains, and a rug. I haven’t thought about most of those things yet, but tonight I did something thinking about rugs and came up with a few options. In the photos below, the chairs have a similar color fabric and paint on them, but the backs are wood, not fabric. The trim in our house is white and the floors are dark hardwoods.

Sources: Table, Chairs, Rug One, Rug Two, Rug Three, Flowers

With option one and two, we would have to purchase a rug. With option three, we could use the one that currently resides in our bedroom. I’ve also thought about moving that rug in our living room…decisions, decisions…so…what are your thoughts? Am I way off on something here? Am I about to make a terrible mistake in one of my decisions? I have a favorite out of these three. What’s yours?

8 thoughts on “A Dining Room dilemma

  1. On #5, call Marcus. He’d be badass at that. Personally, with the gray walls, I think the #3 carpet is too warm. I’m drawn to #1, but #2 seems VERY you and Matthew.

  2. I am a sucker for robin’s egg blue (and many other things), so I say the first option.

    I’m awfully jealous that you’re accomplishing so much on your house! –Not that there is anything actually stopping me from doing the same around here. I just hate making mistakes. Sigh.

  3. I like option two as well. Oh-so-French-Country 🙂
    Re. dining pedant lights I’d say picture two (the double pendant with white shades).
    Ps. I am decorating right now and I have dove-grey walls.

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