Have Passport, Will Travel [Montepulciano and Pienza]

In an effort to complete some items on my 2012 goals, I’ve decided to start a little series called “Have Passport, Will Travel.” I’ve got tons and tons of photos sitting on my external hard drive that haven’t even been edited…y’all, we’re talking about photos from 2006. Shame!

So this week we are headed to Montepulciano and Pienza, right outside of Siena in Italy. In November 2006 I traveled here for one day with my study abroad group and fell in love with the little church in Montepulciano (San Biagio). It sits on a little hill and overlooks a beautiful landscape. But come on…we’re in Italy here…what’s not beautiful in Italy? Am I right? If we would have chosen to get married overseas, this would have been the place. Well…this or Africa.

Later we headed to Pienza and visited the Palazzo Piccolomini. If only my backyard looked like that!


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