What I’m Listening To [Green River Ordinance]

Every once in a while I write a little about what I’ve been listening to, but it’s usually just a little blip on here. Two artists you should check out, and not necessarily new to the music scene, are Birdy and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. They’ve been playing on repeat for me for weeks…until last night.

Enter Green River Ordinance, or GRO, and their newest GROupie (me). Is that a thing? It totally should be.

They aren’t new to the music scene either. In fact, I first heard about them in 2006 at Texas A&M, but their music careers goes even farther back than that. So why all of a sudden a GROupie? (seriously, is that thing???) To be honest, I don’t know. I should have thrown myself onto the bandwagon a long time ago. Last week a friend asked us to join them at Sam’s Burger Joint to listen to her high school friends’ band. When she said, GRO, I knew exactly who she was talking about, but not familiar with their music.

So last night we went and we listened. And we loved it. Seriously…on repeat all day. Can’t. Get. Enough.

Not only is their music great, they are great guys too. They’ve set up The Hope GROs. All proceeds from a selection of their songs purchased through that site will go towards the five charities listed on the page – you choose which you want to support. Awesome, I know.

Go give them a listen and then purchase their newest CD “Under Fire.” (Or purchase first, then listen. You won’t regret it.) It’s available on iTunes and on their website. If you’re in Houston, you’re in luck. They are playing at the Warehouse tonight. And for my Austin friends, you can see them on the 14th at The Parish.

I also want to give a shout out to John David Kent, who had a pretty great set before GRO. He broke three strings. You know he played his heart out.