Oops…I did it again…and again.

Choosing a paint color might be one of the most difficult decisions I make. Seriously, I paint and deliberate and paint and deliberate until one day I eventually find the right color or give up and pick one that will do. I had hoped not to put a ton of paint samples on the walls this time around and desperately wanted to close my eyes and point to a color and it would magically be the right one. Let’s just say I am not that adventurous. I bought four samples and then we didn’t fall in love with any of them. Bummer.

Each time I paint a different room, I get samples from both Benjamin Moore and Home Depot or Lowes. I have to say, Benjamin Moore is by far my favorite paint. I have found the the color on the swatch is pretty much exactly what you are going to see on the wall. Hallelujah.

This time around, I had an issue with a Home Depot color. I walked in to get a sample of Behr’s Dolphin Fin. It’s a pretty popular color. To my dismay, they no longer have this chip available and I had left mine at home. (As a side note, I pretty much make a trip to the paint chip section every time I am in a home improvement store. If there is a color that grabs my eye, I grab it. That’s why I had the Dolphin Fin paint chip.)

The guy at the counter said he could still mix it up for me. Well, something went terribly wrong, because the color on the wall isn’t even close to the paint chip. The color on the wall has a lot of pink in it. Huh?

So Matthew and I went back to Sunset Ridge and picked out two more samples. I limited myself to two. I think I was going into color overload. So many beautiful colors to choose from. (We also picked up two colors for the living room, but that’s another post for another day.)

Stay tuned. Matthew and I picked our color and plan to get a lot of work done over the holiday weekend!

P.S. My friend Jessica shared this with me. She knows me too well. I’m always looking for my soul paint.

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