A Long Labor Intensive Labor Day Weekend

Over the long weekend, Matthew and I decided to tackle a few projects that had been on our list for a while. We actually took off the Friday before Labor day and the Tuesday after Labor Day to make a five day weekend with a goal of getting lots of projects crossed off of our list. So to start, this is what our list consisted of:

1. Repaint the Dining Room.

2. Repaint the Living Room.

3. Rip out old quarter round.

4. Install new trim.

5. Repaint baseboards.

Other projects on our list included sanding Matthew’s bar cart in preparation for its facelift and sanding the remaining six out of eight dining chairs. We made progress on the bar cart over the weekend, but the majority of our time was spent on the first five tasks above.

I’ll be back later with a how-to on just how we accomplished this task.

4 thoughts on “A Long Labor Intensive Labor Day Weekend

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