Life Lately

Our life has been pretty busy lately. With Matthew in seminary and his other work and golf extra curricular commitments keeping him out of the house, sometimes I don’t see him from Sunday night until Wednesday night, except for maybe an hour here or an hour there. Oh, I’ve found ways of keeping busy. Matthew’s 27th birthday was on Monday, so of course the weeks leading up to it involved shopping, scheming, hiding, and re-hiding his gifts. This was the first year he actually didn’t know what I was getting him. Small victories.

I’ve also been able to tackle little projects here and there and our living room and dining room are finally starting to come together. I hope to show you some of the progress soon. I wanted desperately to finish up Matthew’s bar cart this weekend (yeah, you read that correctly. It isn’t finished yet.) Bur after yesterday’s illness left me on the couch all day, that didn’t happen. For now, here’s a glimpse into my life recently through some recent Instagram photos.

Recent Instagram Favorites

3 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Pretty soaps are a weakness of mine . . . forever impractical in that you will never unwrap and use them, but oh-so-lovely to look at! World Market is definitely a go-to. 🙂

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