Living Room/Dining Room Sneak Peek

If you remember, over the Labor Day weekend, Matthew and I had a pretty intense house project list. I am happy to say that we finished all of our projects, even though it has taken me several weeks to blog about them. However, I wanted to give you a little peak at where the rooms are right now.

I’ll start with the baseboards. We ripped out all of the quarter round and installed new trim. Although new paint on the walls make a pretty dramatic difference in the rooms, it is not as rewarding as glancing at the rooms and NOT NOTICING the baseboards (not noticing how gross they were). They looked terrible. Now they look at new and perfect and they aren’t the first thing you notice in the room anymore. So, to remind you, here are the baseboards before:

Pretty awesome, right? We think so.

And for a quick peak into the living room and dining room, I’ll leave you with this photo:

I’ll share more on both of these rooms in the coming weeks, including paint colors and project we still intend to complete/attempt.

7 thoughts on “Living Room/Dining Room Sneak Peek

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