Dining Chair Slipcovers

I am still in the process of taking all the staples out of our chair cushions, and sanding, priming, and painting our dining room chairs. But our fabric came in last week and I am so excited to finally get it on the chair cushions.

I am also working on another project for the chairs. I am making slipcovers. This may seem a little bit strange since we just got our fabric in for the cushions. Well…it probably is a little crazy to make slip covers for brand new chairs that I am completely redoing. But…I don’t want them to get dirty. So I’ll use the slipcovers on the chairs when we are using them for meals with ourselves and friends, and when they are just sitting unused, they can be slipcover free in all their glory. Because I know I’ll cry the first time I spill something on the newly recovered chairs.

Before we get any further, I should probably tell you that this is only the second thing I’ve sewn in my life. The first were pillowcases. You can take three things from that. 1) I am probably crazy. 2) If I can do it anyone can. 3) There is only room (and a lot of it) for improvement.

This past weekend while I was home, I got my grandmother to show me how to make piping…or how to use a zipper foot. Then this week I slowly worked on the cover and finished it last night. For fabric, I used a drop cloth from Home Depot. It’s cheap, durable, and fabric I do not ever have to worry about getting dirty.

It’s not perfect, but it isn’t terrible either. One down, seven to go. Be gentle with your comments.

There are still a lot of things I need to work through for the next seven, but for my second ever sewing job…without a pattern…I think it turned out pretty well.

5 thoughts on “Dining Chair Slipcovers

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