How Lovely are Your Branches

Go look up the lyrics to Oh Christmas Tree in Google. I doubt you’ll find two set of lyrics that are the same. When I was typing the title for this post I just automatically put, “How Lovely are Your Branches.” And then I questioned whether that was right or not. Upon googling (is that not in the dictionary yet?), I found that I really could have said any number of things for the verse that follows, “Oh Christmas Tree,” such as (but certainly not limited to) the following:

1. Thy leaves are so unchanging

2. Of all the trees most lovely

3. How steadfast are your branches

4. Thou tree most fair and lovely

5. How are thy leaves so verdant

The list goes on. Now I am curious how everyone learned this son?. And why are there so many different versions? Is it because it was translated from German to English?

But I digress. The real reason you are here is to see our Christmas Tree. Am I right?

We have a mixture of sentimental ornaments on our tree as well as some regular old colored balls to help add some color and fill it out. All of the ornaments that aren’t round balls were gifts. (Except for the round beaded, ball…that was a gift also.) Most of the wooden ornaments come from old childhood friends. Ever since we were little we would swap a book and ornaments. (If you are reading this, Mrs. Ebby, I still have them all!) It was one of my favortie childhood traditions. The oldest one I have on my tree is from 1988.

A few years ago, Sara and I decided to do a similar thing. We swap an ornament every year. It’s a tradition that I love. One day, our tree will be filled with only special ornaments.

As for the round beaded ball, a few years ago, my grandmother told us all to go pick and ornament off of the tree. They were all round, beaded balls. Someone in my family, correct me if I am wrong on this, but I believe all of the ornaments were made by either my great grandmother, grant aunt, or grandmother (or a combination of those three.) (Someone set me straight!) Anyways, that’s a pretty special ornament for me also.

Christmas 2012_26Christmas 2012_32 Christmas 2012_35 Christmas 2012_23 Christmas 2012_28 Christmas 2012_30 Christmas 2012_18 Christmas 2012_27 Christmas 2012_17 Christmas 2012_16 Christmas 2012_31 Christmas 2012_34

As for the rest of our Christmas decorations, they are pretty sparse. We’ve got a few nutcrackers up, a nativity scene that my grandmother bought me the first year Matthew and I were married, and the first little building in our village. Christmas 2012_25 Christmas 2012_38

We put our wreath on the front door, but bring it down every night. Last year someone stole our beautiful Christmas wreath, so we wanted to make sure we could enjoy this one throughout the season. We also put up a little lights and garland. Nothing extravagant, but it shows our neighbors that we are in the Christmas spirit. Our neighbors love their lights. They go straight from orange halloween lights to colorful Christmas lights in a matter of days.

Christmas 2012_40

So there you have it – the lovely branches of our Christmas tree. I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas!

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