Merry Christmas from the Behams

This is the 4th Christmas that Matthew and I have been married. I really can’t believe that in February we will have been married for 5 years. That’s just insane to me.

The first two years, we sent out Christmas cards. The third year…we didn’t. Wah, wah. We didn’t even decorate the house for Christmas or put up a tree. But this year, we got back on the bandwagon and sent a Christmas card out. I even designed and hand drew it myself. Fancy, I know.

But I have a secret that I guess I’ll let you in on. It’s called trace paper. Everyone should have a roll of trace paper. Sometimes I even wished I carried it around in my purse. What? Is that weird?

The process for the card was quite simple. 1) Find fonts you like. 2) Play around with sizes and placement. (I used photoshop…but you could probably play around in Word and get close to the same effect.) 3) Print the words in the fonts you like. 4) Using the trace paper, TRACE the words.

Can it get any easier? Well I suppose I could have just designed the whole thing in photoshop and been done with it. But I was in the mood to draw…ahem…trace. I also wanted it to look like I really drew it on a chalkboard. So once I dew it, I scanned it into the computer, inverted the colors in photoshop, and placed it on a chalkboard background. Because the front, or back depending on how I stuffed the envelope, was pretty busy, we went with a simple photo on the other side.

 Chistmas Card Option front

Chistmas Card Option

One thought on “Merry Christmas from the Behams

  1. Finally got back to Evanston last night and got to open all the Christmas cards that came in the two and half weeks we were gone . . . finally got to see this beautiful card up close! Wonderful job. 🙂

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