Malaysia [part one]

On Saturday Matthew and I managed to squeeze in 36 hours of travel into one day. Our plane left Malaysia at 3:40 in the morning on Saturday and we finally made it back to San Antonio at 11:30 at night. With all the time changes, it was literally the longest day of my life. On Sunday I took a five hour nap which later kept me up way past my bed time but by Monday, I was back to normal.

After our Christmas Eve service, we loaded up the car with bags, gifts, and the dogs and made our way to Bellville to see my family. We spent Christmas Day and Boxing Day with them. Then later in the afternoon on the 26th, my dad dropped us off at George Bush Intercontinental Airport for our 7:30pm flight to Doha. The first leg of the journey wasn’t too bad. The great thing about international flights is the opportunity it gives to catch up on movies! We landed in Doha at 6:45pm and caught the transfer bus to the departures hall where we had to go through security again. Our connection was pretty tight. After clearing security, we had just enough time to use the facilities before boarding our onward flight to Kuala Lumpur. We arrived on Friday around 9:00am, cleared customs and immigration procedures, collected our luggage, and were met by Matthew’s parents in the arrivals hall.

Our main goal on Friday was to stay awake as long as possible. Upon arrival at the Beham’s home, we showered and headed out to the Petronas Towers to see Robert’s office and get a view of the city.

Kuala Lumpur

Afterwards we walked to Ben’s for lunch before catching an afternoon showing of Les Misérables. Thankfully I had seen it on Christmas day with my family, because I could not hold my eyes open and slept through part of it. We finished the afternoon with coffee before returning home for dinner and an early night to bed.

The next morning we walked to The Loaf, a local pastry and coffee shop, for breakfast. We sampled a few pastries, had coffee, and fresh squeezed juice.

The Loaf

Later in the afternoon we caught the rail to Central Market where we had lunch at Gin Ger before shopping around. We also headed over to the China town area of the city for a little shopping and people watching. And let me just say, the crowds did not disappoint. One of the first sites we saw was a man on a tiger print motorcycle with two monkeys in tow. One of them was dressed in clothes and had on a leash like a dog.

Matthew Motorcycle monkey lanterns Market chestnuts chestnuts2

We sampled rambutan and pulasan at the market and had tea that afternoon at a local tea house.  Matthew drank Wong Lo Kat, which is supposed to take all the heat away from your body. He said it did actually help and that he felt cooler. The rest of us had Five Flower herbal tea.

Fruit Guy Fruit2 Fruit Matt fruitTeaTea dispenser drinking tea Tea group

After tea we stopped at a foot reflexology shop for thirty minute foot massages. A popular treatment that we saw in Malaysia and Cambodia is a fish massage. You put your feet in a little pool of water and tiny little fish eat at your dead skin. We all passed on that option and went for the more traditional foot massage. Afterwards we headed to Havana Bar for drinks before dinner at a local street shop on Jalan Alor.

drinks Jalan Alor2 Jalan Alor

Before getting into our car, I snapped a quick photo of the Petronas Towers at night. And that’s it for the first post. I’ll have more later this week.

Petronas towers

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