Malaysia [part two]

I’ll keep this post short tonight because I am exhausted. I slept for ten hours last night and I cannot wait to crawl into bed tonight. If you haven’t seen the first post on Malaysia, check that out here. Part two picks up on December 29th.

On Sunday, we woke up and went to the Bridge International for church. Afterwards we have Dim Sum at The Federal Hotel. Afterwards we headed over to the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, the world’s largest free-flight aviary. Now, if you know anything about me, you know I was quite frightened. Birds flying freely around me, swooping down at any moment? Count me out. But this actually wasn’t bad. I only felt attacked…two or three times, ha. I just stood behind my camera and snapped photos. The only photos I took this day were at the bird park…so…prepare for a little bird overload.

Bird1 Bird 4 Bird 5 Bird 6 Bird 7 Bird 8 Bird 9 Bird 10 Bird 11 Bird2 Bird3 Bird 12 Bird 13 Me and matthew

That’s it for me tonight. I’m hitting the hay. I’ll have more from Malaysia this week.

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