Cambodia [part one]

TGIF. Am I right?

After finishing off the Malaysia photos last week, I took a little break to rest. I was doing pretty good for the first part of the week, but got slammed with exhaustion mid week and ended up taking evening naps every single day from Wednesday to Saturday. This week I have no excuse. I just got lazy. But I’m back and have got some photos for you. I am so excited to share our trip to Cambodia with you, so I’ll pick up the trip on January 1st. I’m going to divide day one into two posts because there are SO many photos.

We had an early wake up call for the first day of the new year – 3:30am – most people are probably still awake at that point! Our driver met us at 4:00am for the transfer to the airport. We flew Air Asia from Kuala Lumpur to Siem Riep. On arrival to Siem Reap we were greeted by cooler temperatures at the small, friendly, and efficient airport. Seriously – it took four minutes to go through immigration and collect our luggage. Ours was the first off the plane. What luck!

Our guide Mr. Chin met us at the airport and we immediately set off for Angkor Wat.


Our guide Mr. Chin. He was a great guide – provided a lot of information with some well timed comedic relief. For me, it is hard to take in so much information so breaks with some occasional laughing is always appreciated. I don’t think I heard Chin say, “Yes” the entire trip. If you asked him a question where an appropriate response would be, “Yes” he would say, “Sure” instead.

“Chin, do you have a girlfriend? “


“Do you like being a tour guide?”


Cambodia_10 Cambodia_14 Cambodia_15 Cambodia_18 Cambodia_19 Cambodia_21 Cambodia_22 Cambodia_23 Cambodia_25 Cambodia_26 Cambodia_32 Cambodia_34 Cambodia_35 Cambodia_39Cambodia_42 Cambodia_44 Cambodia_48 Cambodia_51 Cambodia_64 Cambodia_66 Cambodia_68 Cambodia_82 Cambodia_85 Cambodia_91 Cambodia_95 Cambodia_99 Cambodia_100 Cambodia_102

After touring around the complex, we went up to the very top. From there, you could really see how the temple is surrounded by jungle.

Cambodia_105 Cambodia_106 Cambodia_109 Cambodia_110

That’s it for part one – it’s only the first half of the day. I’ll be back with the second half tomorrow!

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