Cambodia [part three]

This is the third post in a series. You can find post one here and post two here.

On January 2nd we woke up and had breakfast at the hotel. (Little side note, when Matthew and I were dating he would ask me what I did during the day. I always said, “I woke up” first, which he always thought was funny, that I would say that, when I was obviously awake. But you can’t start your day unless you are awake and getting out of bed is sometimes half the battle. Am I right?)

Ok, back to breakfast. I enjoyed the fruit and a selection of Khmer cakes in the morning, but I most enjoyed the fresh squeezed passion fruit juice. It was light and tasty. It didn’t feel heavy like orange juice sometimes does. So I had that every morning for breakfast.

We met our guide and driver outside of the hotel and headed to Angkor Thom – which is actually an old city of the Khmer empire, not an actual temple, which a lot of people think. At the center of Angkor Thom is Bayon Temple, and I think this was my favorite temple that we visited. We started at the South Gate where we climbed onto elephants and rode them to Bayon Temple. Our elephant handlers serenaded us with some music played on a leaf and a little singing. His repertoire  included some traditional Cambodian songs, Jingle Bells., and Happy Birthday. You can see a video of one of the songs below.

Cambodia_187 copy Cambodia_190 copy Cambodia_194 copy Cambodia_196 copy Cambodia_204 copy Cambodia_207 copy Cambodia_205 copy Cambodia_209 copy Cambodia_211 copy Cambodia_213 copy Cambodia_217 copy Cambodia_218 copy Cambodia_219 copy Cambodia_222 copy Cambodia_223 copy Cambodia_225 copy Cambodia_226 copy Cambodia_228 copy Cambodia_229 copy Cambodia_235 copy Cambodia_242 copy

That’s it for this post, but that only got us to about 11:00am in the morning. Lots more to come from our second day in Cambodia soon!

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