State of Our Union

Hehe…I crack myself up.

Today, Matthew and I have been married for five years. That’s crazy to me. Five years. I’m just letting that sink in for a little bit…

So many things have changed in five years. We’ve both grown so much…both individually and together. Most importantly, we’re both heading in the same direction. There was a point in our marriage that we weren’t moving in the same direction at all. At least I wasn’t. So five years is a big deal. I don’t want to get all mushy on you here. But there are some incredible people that have walked through the last five years with us. Our parents guided us, our sisters supported us, our friends listened to us, our counselor counseled us, our pastors prayed for us. We are so blessed to have you all in our lives.

So happy fifth anniversary to my love and happy fifth anniversary to everyone that has helped build our marriage into a stronger one. Thank you all for walking through fire with us and coming out with us, feet unburned.

Matthew and me_3small

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