Fredericksburg Wineries

As you know, Matthew and I celebrated our fifth anniversary on the 16th. On the 15th we had a lovely dinner at Luce and then on the 16th, we met Chip, Jessica, and Jessica’s parents in Fredericksburg for a day of perusing shops, eating, and wine tasting. (Seriously the perfect day, right?) It was the perfect way to mark the occasion too. What better way to celebrate an anniversary than with friends that were there to witness your vows? Jessica reminded me that on that day 5 years ago, we met for the first time. Yep, Jessica and I first met at our wedding, which is crazy to me because when I think back on the last five years and look through old facebook photos, I realize how much time five years really is and it feels like I’ve known her for a whole lot longer than that!


Anyways, we met at RedinFred, my absolute favorite store in Fredericksburg and perused the shop for a bit. I could buy just about everything in there. A few years ago, I bought two yards of fabric, that I unfortunately haven’t used yet. I’m waiting for the perfect project, I guess. Afterwords we walked through a few more shops before finishing at Dogologie, where I was inspired to learn how to make pup bow ties. I snapped a few photos for reference, and have added it to my list of projects. One day, I’ll figure it out. I’m sure it can’t be too hard!

We lunched at a local restaurant on the main street before heading to our first winery – Becker Vineyards. It was crazy crowded but after some patience, we were were able to slide up to the tasting bar and pick our wines. We each had six tastings included with our tickets, but we got two thrown in for free. Looking back, we definitely could have split the tastings! After we finished with the wine, we sampled some chocolate from Delysia and listened to a band outside before moving onto our next tasting at Grape Creek.

Fredericksburg copy Fredericksburg_1 copy Fredericksburg_2 copy Fredericksburg_5 copy Fredericksburg_6 copy Fredericksburg_7 copy Fredericksburg_8 copy Fredericksburg_11 copy

Grape Creek Vineyards was a lot of fun. We went on a tour of the winery and sampled wine straight from the barrels. After learning about their wine making process, we also had the chance to sample six more wines in their tasting room. We had a blast in this tiny room, joking, drinking wine, high fiving. It was really pretty fantastic. Jessica especially loved the chocolate set out to go with the wine. Side note, they only use their barrels twice. After they are finished with them, they sell them for $50 to members of their wine club. I would love to cut one in half and use them as planters. Wine club, anyone?

Fredericksburg_13 copy Fredericksburg_12 copy Fredericksburg_14 copy Fredericksburg_16 copy Fredericksburg_17 copy Fredericksburg_20 copy Fredericksburg_19 copy Fredericksburg_18 copy Fredericksburg_25 copy Fredericksburg_24 copy Fredericksburg_22 copy Fredericksburg_21 copy

The following two photos are from Jessica’s instagram feed. I especially love the one of all six of us.

Wine tasting 2

Wine Tasting

We finished off our tour of wineries at Four Point O Cellars. It’s a pretty new winery in Fredericksburg, but it didn’t disappoint. Matthew and I ended up buying a bottle of wine from there and I especially loved the architecture. Because it was close to closing time and because we split our tasting, we didn’t spend much time here, but I still enjoyed it.

Fredericksburg_26 copy Fredericksburg_28 copy Fredericksburg_29 copy

We had planned on going to one more winery, but we just didn’t have enough time in the day. Instead, we loaded up the car and headed to Fralo’s for pizza and a final glass of wine to conclude a full and wonderful 5th anniversary with lovely friends.

2 thoughts on “Fredericksburg Wineries

  1. 1. Oh em gee, forgot how obnoxiously PINK my dress was for your wedding! I totally would have judged me if that was the first time I met myself (does that make sense?…)
    2. Nice job catching me with the chocolate haha
    3. Awesome pictures
    4. So thankful for you, friend

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