Saving Money at the Grocery Store [a Memory]

The other night Matthew and I went to the grocery store to grab a few things. As we were checking out, I was reminded of something Sara and I used to do in college to save money. Whenever we went to the grocery store, we would grab only the things we could carry in our arms. You would be surprised at how much you can actually hold. Matthew didn’t believe that I could hold almost all the things we were purchasing in my arms. You know I can’t refuse a good challenge, so I showed him how it was done. Below I am holding a box of cereal, two boxes of soups, a bag of string cheese, a box of laughing cow cheese, three yogurts, crystal light, bread, a bag of carrots, and grapes. I think that’s all I had, but Sara and I haven been known to stack our food much higher.

grocery store

We were also not above splitting a Happy Meal. Yep that happened on occasion. Don’t judge. I love a good Happy Meal.

I’m heading to Little Rock this weekend to Run in a 10K with Sara and Robert and my parents. Unfortunately Matthew can’t come with us. I am riding up with my parents and am actually looking forward to just hanging out in the car, catching up on a little reading, chatting, and just hanging out. I’ve only got one place to be this weekend, and it is crossing the finish line with my sister on Sunday. I couldn’t be happier.

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