I’ve been a little MIA from the blog lately. After getting home from Egypt mid-March, I transitioned into a marketing position at Ker & Downey and am traveling back and forth to the office every other week right now. But things haven’t completely stopped around here and I just wanted to give you an update on what’s going on.


1. The weekend we got back from Egypt, we went hiking at Enchanted Rock with the youth group. I’ve been in San Antonio for five years and t his was the first time I’ve been to Enchanted Rock. While Matthew and Chip took some of the group on the four mile hike before heading up the mountain, Jessica, some of the other leaders, and I took a group straight to the top. It was a great morning hike with a nice view at the top.

2. My favorite flats have seen their last days. These flats have been around the world with me a few times and I just can’t let go of them.

3. Jessica and I made a Texas cake for a friend’s birthday. It’s not perfect, but hey, it’s Texas-shaped! Awesome, right?

4. Just a photo of our pups. They are BFF’s.

5. On Saturday, Matthew and I did a little yard work. He cut some stones that were pulled from our yard in half and we lined our trees on the side of the house with them. A pretty great improvement, I think.

6. We also bought a few plants and tackled the flower bed on the side of yard. We spent hours pulling weeds from the bed and then planted Belinda’s Dream roses, boxwood, and rosemary. We need a few more plants, but this is the biggest improvement we’ve made to the side bed since we moved in.

There’s more going around here that I’m excited to post, including travel photos from Egypt, but that’s all for now.

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