And Then I Quit…


Before I get into the details of the day I quit gymnastics, I want to preface this post and all subsequent posts entitled And Then I Quit with with following statement: I am not a proponent of quitting.

That being said, this is the first post in a short series of posts I am doing for my high school girl’s small group. They asked for it and I aim to please. I should also say that I fully understand that I have lived a privileged life so far. My parents are fantastic and allowed my sister and me to pursue our dreams, even if that meant taking some time to try a few things out until we figured out our dreams. Me, being the no-nonsense type of person, quit a number of hobbies after a (at the time) traumatic experience that immediately ended my pursuit of said hobby. So…this is about the day I quit gymnastics.

Sara and I were about four years old. We were still dressing the same. We had awesome gymnastic outfits.


Like many four year olds, we were in gymnastics. I hear it is supposed to help with hand-eye coordination and body control. I wasn’t worried about that then. All I cared about was jumping in the foam blocks pit and probably wearing my awesome outfit. The trampoline was pretty cool too.

Balance Beam

One day we had a little meet…whatever that means for four year olds. But there were medals, so I’m sure it was pretty important to me at the time. Unfortunately, I can’t remember, because as I was doing a cartwheel over a block, I kicked my spotter, a very pregnant woman, right in the stomach. I cried. I was terrified that I killed the baby. And then I quit gymnastics.


5 thoughts on “And Then I Quit…

  1. This is awesome! I also kicked my spotter…except I was 17 and she was not pregnant. At Baylor, I had to take gymnastics, and I asked the girl who lived across the hall in the dorm to spot me in the hall. I had to learn how to do a back handspring. I collapsed my arms when I went back and my legs went flailing to the side…my foot kicking her in the head. She never spotted me again, and I got a B+ in the class because I couldn’t do a back handspring by myself. 😦
    BTW…you did rock the outfit!

  2. I sure hope your parents kept those leotards because they are CLASSIC. Future generations totally need to wear those. PS I’m probably more excited about this blog series than our senior girls haha

  3. This is so great. I have numerous embarrassing leotards at my parent’s house somewhere… except it took me about 8 more years than you to figure out I would never be strong enough or coordinated enough to make it in gymnastics. Darn you, Kerri Strug for being so inspiring!

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