Fit Week [part one]

My sister Sara was in town two weeks ago and I absolutely love when she comes to town. When she’s here, we always try out some new places, sit on the bed and chat like we used when we lived together, and share clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Obviously, every girl’s dream. I always get so excited in the days leading up to her arrival, enjoy every second while she’s here, and then get really sad when she leaves. I think it took me three days to perk up again this time around. But that’s taking you down a rabbit hole we just don’t need to go down right now.

We deemed the week “Fit Week” – not in a eat totally healthy, multiple bootcamp session sort of way, but in a – let’s discuss what has been working for us, try out new recipes and workouts, and motivate each other sort of way. Added benefits include having someone to encourage you and someone to share ideas with. That doesn’t mean we didn’t eat out at some of our favorite restaurants or happy hour at a favorite bar. Being fit doesn’t mean you have to cut out eating out or enjoying life altogether. It also doesn’t mean you have to let counting calories consume you. Being fit is a lifestyle, not a diet fad. Ok, I’ve just looked down from my soapbox. This is not at all where I intended to be two paragraphs into this post. Moving on…

We  began on Monday with a run at lunch and a meal planning session and a trip to the grocery store after work. We decided to mix some of our favorite recipes with some new recipes we had been wanting to try for a while. We also stocked up on fruits and veggies for the week. And because we are quickly transitioning out of spring and into summer here in San Antonio, we also picked up some new running shorts, you know, incase we needed a little extra motivation for the week and as a way to bear the humidity and heat. I am also in desperate need of new running shoes. I’m loving these Nikes right now. Below are some of our favorite running essentials.

Running Essentials


That evening we made black bean and spinach enchiladas with sauteed squash and zucchini and it is definitely a recipe we’ll be making again. It was delicious and Matthew loved it as well. Husband approved, ladies.

On Tuesday we used our lunch break to do some cardio kickboxing. This workout was new to Sara but one that I enjoy doing when I don’t want to get out in the heat or later in the evening when I am feeling particularly sluggish that day. It is TurboFire and believe me, it will kick your booty. As with any workout, the more you put in, the more you get out and this one definitely brings the heat. But it isn’t for everyone and I totally get that.

That evening we met some co-workers and friends at Blue Box Bar in the Pearl. I love atmosphere of this bar and the bartenders (or are they mixologists?) seem to know what they are talking about and not just making drinks. As someone who doesn’t experiment much in the mixed drink department, it is nice to have someone explain things to you. We finished off the evening with dinner at La Gloria, another great restaurant at the Pearl.

And that’s where I’ll stop for now. Stay tuned for part two later this week.

P.S. I can’t believe it is already Wednesday. Three day weekends are the best.

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