Living Room [an update]

It’s about time for a house update, am I right? I think we left off here and that was in October. I hang my head in shame.

In October we did some work replacing baseboards in the living room and dining room and also painting those two rooms. Just to get everyone up to speed, this is what our living room looked like a year and a half ago.

Living RoomCouch with pillows

We then got rid of the red couch when we were given my grandmother’s couch and we started putting up samples on the wall last September. Before_5A few weeks ago, we changed things up again (as we are known to do) and this is what we are working with now. We moved the couch and TV so that when you walk in the front door, the TV is on your right. I had trouble with the couch placement at first because it took us a while to get a rug in here. It looked like it was floating in the middle of the room, but this arrangement of furniture has definitely grown on me. We still need to add curtains, but this room is feeling a lot more cozy and homey than it was before.

Living Room_6 Living Room_4 Living Room_5 Living Room Living Room_2 Living Room_3

So, what do you think? Better, right?

If you are curious about paint colors in this room, we used Benjamin Moore’s Healing Aloe on the Walls and Benjamin Moore’s White Dove for the baseboards. The rest of the trim hasn’t been painted yet, but it’s on our list. We moved the carpet from our bedroom into the living room, which means our bedroom is also undergoing a little transformation.

I’ll be back next week with the updated dining room and hopefully an updated home tour with future projects list.

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