Weekly Inspiration

Do you ever go through times when you just aren’t feeling inspired? That’s me this week. On Saturday Matthew and I worked in the yard, in what was one of San Antonio’s hottest June days on record. We decided mid-afternoon that it was one of the worst decisions we had ever made together. In the time of ten minutes, I cursed three times and cried once before calling it quits. I also had a brief moment when I told myself that I just didn’t care about the yard. That, of course, isn’t true at all. I probably care too much. But in the heat of the day it was all just too much for me.

Then it rained yesterday and we were able to finish what we started on Saturday. Praise the Lord.

My inspiration this morning is coming from this lovely print from Evan Nichole Designs. I saw it floating around Pinterest last week and just thought to myself, “Yes, that’s me every morning.”

So I’ll raise my cup of coffee to you this morning. Here’s to Jesus, coffee, and the hope of a creative and productive day to you all.


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