Friendship Knows No Distance

After our 7.5 hour bus ordeal, we finally made it to Dallas on Friday night. Once Amanda got to the bus station, we quickly hopped in her car and headed to her home where we proceeded to catch up on the past two years until 3:00am.

On Saturday we woke up around 9:30, took Shiner to the dog park to let her run around a bit, and then headed to Whiskey Cake for a delicious brunch complete with mimosas. I loved the whole industrial vintage vibe the restaurant has going on. Even the male waitstaff wore white shirts, jeans, and grey suspenders. I ordered the benedict which was pretty fantastic and includes BBQ pork and chili hollandaise sauce.

Whiskey CakeAfter brunch we headed out for pedicures and caffeine before soaking up the sun in the pool for the remainder of the afternoon. We all had ambitions of reading books and flipping through magazines, but we ended up chatting the entire afternoon. We fell right back into step with each other, as if no one had ever moved from San Antonio. Amanda and Bekah were some of my first friends in San Antonio and helped me through the first years of marriage. They aren’t afraid to face hard topics and have always been encouraging to me. Those hours at the pool felt like we were right back in Amanda and Josh’s apartment on Trinity’s campus, sipping wine and talking about our struggles.


That evening they introduced me to In-N-Out for a dinner of a burger, fries, and shake. I will admit it was pretty tasty after a day in the sun. Afterwards we picked up a movie and lottery ticket (why not?) before heading home to take Shiner on a walk and burn off some of those milkshake calories.

On Sunday we attended PCPC and I’ll admit, it was so nice being in an actual church building as opposed to a school auditorium. It got me pretty excited for Redeemer’s permanent home to be completed in the next several months.

It rained all Sunday so we grabbed lunch to go and took it back to Amanda’s and Josh’s home to eat on the couch and chat before having to leave for the bus stop at 4:00.

The MegaBus trip back home was uneventful, but also delayed and late due to traffic. We didn’t get to San Antonio until 11:45pm, even though we left Dallas at 5:45. I was able to do a little reading and writing on the bus, but after standing in the rain waiting for a delayed bus (yeah, thanks for that MegaBus staff), I was just ready to get home.

Our time spent in Dallas was fantastic. I couldn’t have asked for a better, more relaxing weekend. We had planned to visit a couple of local places in Dallas, but after not seeing each other for two years, we had a lot to catch up on and the time was well spent talking. It just means we’ll have to make another trip back to Dallas to see Amanda and check out more of Dallas.

One thought on “Friendship Knows No Distance

  1. Love this and love you friend! I couldn’t have imagined a more restful and soul satisfying weekend than the one I just shared with you and Bekah. Perfection!

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