Weekend Wishes

I hate feeling like I am living for the weekend. Even when I don’t have any plans for the weekend, I live for it.

Instead, I wish I could learn to be content where I am, even when that place I am in isn’t desirable – with projects unfinished, a 40-hour work week, a house that didn’t get cleaned. I find myself moving through life, trying to get to the next thing. Finish this work day to get to the gym. Finish this work out to get home and clean. Finish cleaning to do anything else or just go to bed. All good things…all part of life’s responsibilities, but none that I really want.

I go through phases where these responsibilities of life get me down. In any other season, I might find joy in work, joy in going to the gym, and even, if you can believe it, joy in cleaning the house. I actually love all of these things (well…I don’t LOVE cleaning, but I don’t mind it either). In these down phases of life, I struggle to get through one task, thinking to myself, “If I can just get through this one thing, I can do something I really want to do.” When I eventually finish the task at hand, all motivation has run out and I don’t even want to do that really fun something that I love. I just get in a funk.

I’ve found myself in a funk recently. I know that this world’s tasks and belongings can’t bring pure and lasting joy and I can only find it with my Father above. But I still need help out of the funk and tediousness of life that’s got me down. This weekend, I am starting with a cup of coffee and a moment of quiet to be content, just where I am. What are you doing this weekend?


3 thoughts on “Weekend Wishes

  1. Sounds like life to me sweetie! I hear you and I feel your pain! This weekend we have dinner plans w/friends tonight and on Sat. as well. That’s what I love about Durango! We have so many friends here which translates to “never a dull moment”! Whether we’re having a fun evening or day out or listening w/sympathy to their trials and tribulations or just dropping in to say “hi”, it’s so great to be back among our “peeps”! You have a great weekend and enjoy that cup o joe! Auntie Jody

  2. I am right next to you in this boat, Haley. I get a case of the “Sunday night blues” pretty much every week, and would be lying if I said I didn’t cry a little bit the night before I started work again in Denver. Not sure what the solution is to this, other than remembering that all aspects of life are under the watchful eye of the Father, even the ones that get us down. Hope you have a restful and lovely Sunday – miss you, friend!

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