Weekly Inspiration

Happy Monday, friends. It is a busy week around here and one I can’t say I’m really looking forward to but at the end of it I will get to see my family and that makes me happy. To all my little friends and teacher friends starting back to school, I hope you have a great day back. How about something pretty to get your week started?


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Weekend Wishes

Soon after Matthew and I got married (and he put me on a budget…uhh…rude) the Eagles were in town on a tour. We love the Eagles, but concert tickets were not in our measly entertainment budget. After Matthew’s dad suggested we try to move some things around in the budget to make it work (something I am a master at, ha), we had found enough money for two concert tickets. And y’all…the show was incredible. We were singing along with folks several years older than we were and loved every minute of it.

So this weekend, make some room for entertainment. Enjoy yourself. You’ll remember how you felt long after the lights in the theater are down or the stage crew packed up the last bit of the set. You’ll remember joy.

I hope you enjoy Matt Wertz’s new video for Get to You. I love the song and the video is definitely good for a chuckle. Killer dance moves, Matt. Ha. Sadly it doesn’t look like he’s coming through Texas anytime soon. You know I’d be there. Happy weekend everyone.