Weekend Wishes

I have posts and posts planned out…and then I keep pushing them back. Things keep coming up – like pesky wisdom teeth and what may or may not have been a dry socket. I don’t really know. I did go get it checked out, but I must have talked about how neurotic I am under anesthesia to the nice oral surgeon, because he never actually said I had a dry socket. He just said I had the symptoms of one.

That either means A) I had one and he didn’t want to tell me because he knew it would send me into a spiral of feeling like a failure, or B) I didn’t actually have one and he was laughing inside at the pain I thought I was experiencing.

But I am telling you that pain was real and terrible and radiating from my ear to my jaw and kept me up until midnight and made me get little to no rest at night and ask God to just give me my wisdom teeth back because I could deal with a small steady pain for the next 70 years, but what I was experiencing at that moment was some of the worst ever. But again, if he told me I actually had one, I would have hung my head in shame.

But it’s over, it’s behind me. He plugged it with medicated gauze and sent me on my way. Good, nice, gentle oral surgeon.

You might remember me mentioning the beach a few weeks ago and my desire to be there. Well, finally…I’ve waited all summer. Matthew is taking me to the beach on Saturday. Hallelujah. I can’t wait to slap on my SPF bagillion and splash in the waves (but not too far in because the unknown in the ocean scares me), and sit on the shore and read, and build sand castles with tunnels and turrets (because that’s what former architectural firm staff do).  Happy weekend everyone.



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