Weekly Inspiration

I don’t know about you, but that weekend went by way too quickly. Matthew and I took a trip to the beach on Saturday and on Sunday I napped all afternoon. Before I knew it the weekend was over and I was already thinking about the next weekend.

This week’s inspiration is coming straight to you from the Shelter Co. I don’t camp, but seeing these photos really makes me wish I was a camping person. Kind of like I really wish I was an oatmeal person – but I just can’t get it down. But camping to me seems like it would be so much fun. In my mind, I think I would really love sitting under the stars, roasting marshmallows, sipping out of a canteen, flannel plaid, down vests, duck boots.  And then I remember that the last time Matthew and I slept in a tent, it rained…in the tent. So…I’m not a camping person. But glamping (Glam Camping) – that’s something I could get used to. A real bed in the tent…sign me up.

Hope everyone has a fantastic week.

homesize2 540656_245378622226335_1342768898_n homesize1 amenities homesize3 553881_245378858892978_405403905_n shelter 544396_245378685559662_278861376_nAll images via Shelter-Co.


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