Beach Day

On Saturday Matthew and I took a trip down to Mustang Island for the day. If you haven’t been to Mustang Island, it falls on a scale of Galveston to Fiji just above Galveston. The water isn’t brown and you don’t have to walk through seaweed in the water, but there is seaweed on the beach and the water isn’t clear by any means. But it is clean for the most part and not overly crowded because it falls under the protection of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (read you have to pay $10 to get in).

The last time we went to the beach was a couple of years ago and I was itching to get back as I’ve already mentioned several times on the blog this summer. So on Saturday we packed a picnic of cheese, salami, crackers, and grapes and loaded up the car with beach essentials (sunscreen, towels, books, sunnies, and a pink plastic blow up float that travels with me just about everywhere there is water). On the way down we made a stop at Academy to pick up an umbrella which may have been the best 12 dollars we’ve ever spent in our lives, because let’s be honest – neither of us want to be in the sun if we’re not in the water.

It was such a fantastic, relaxing day and a great way to slow down and rest.

IMG_6604 Beach_1 IMG_6613 IMG_6638 IMG_6661 Beach

We had the biggest laugh of the day when we looked down the beach and saw how crowded it was… IMG_6665 And then we looked at our umbrella…IMG_6668So lonely there all by itself. We don’t know why no one wanted to set up next to us but we made the most of it and considered ourselves professional beach goers.

Until next year, beach…happy summer.


One thought on “Beach Day

  1. mmmm . . . I would trade these mountains for a day at the beach right now! Love the picture of the seagulls – cheers to relaxing times at the beach!

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