Last Set of Photos From Egypt

My heart is breaking for Egypt right now and for the people who will use the recent events as a reason to stay away forever, never witnessing the amazing country and all of her glory. I hope that things settle down soon and that tourism will again pick up. Everyone needs to see the pyramids, but there is so much more to the country than just the Giza plateau. That’s what people are really missing out on – the history and culture that they don’t even know is there.

I am so thankful my family was able to travel there in March. Even in light of recent events, I would still go back. For now, I’ll just reminisce with photos…here are the last set of photos from our trip in March. I just finished going through all of them recently.


Egypt_500 Egypt_493 Egypt_485 Egypt_484 Egypt_486 Egypt_524 Egypt_516 Egypt_519 Egypt_528

In Aswan at the end of our Nile trip, we stayed at the Old Cataract Hotel, my all time favorite hotel. It underwent a major renovation pre-revolution and then couldn’t fill the rooms when it reopened so everything still feels fresh and new. My only regret is that we only had one night here but that one night was divine.
Egypt_553 Egypt_538 Egypt_539 Egypt_596 Egypt_588 Egypt_562 Egypt_561 Egypt_482 Egypt_611 Egypt_618 Egypt_595

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