Back to School for Those of Us Not Going Back to School

In otherwords – Hallelujah. Am I right?

Every year around this time, I really get the itch to update my closet. Blame it on the back to school shopping I did for so many years or the fact that it has actually dipped below 98 degrees on a few occasions, but I am ready for fall and all the goodness the change in weather brings. The smells of fall, the deep colors, warm layers, boots. I love fall, especially in Texas where it gets just cold enough to wear several fun layers, but not too cold that I have to wear a heavy jacket everywhere. Although a few leaves changing color would be nice too.

So, with back to school season, I have complied a few items on my not so back to school list for the fall. In other words, Matthew, take note.

fall style1-Hexagon Studs // 2-Madewell D’Orsay Flats // 3-Clarks Desert Boots // 4-Steve Madden Belton Boots // 5-Catbird stacking rings // 6-By Boe Shield Necklace // 7-Madewell Transport Tote // 8-Frye Reagan Campus Driver Mocs // 9-Block Shop Hand Printed Scarf // 10-J.Crew Sweater // 11-Madewell Skinny Skinny Jeans in Black Frost (I have and love these.)

And of course, I’ll need somewhere to do all my work in my new wardrobe. I think this looks perfect.


What pieces are you dying to get your hands on this fall?

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