A Note on Hobbies

Most people have a hobby. Some people collect things like coins, stamps, books, art. I, however, like to have the best of both worlds and collect hobbies. I have what is uncommonly known as hobbycollectoritis. Yes, that’s right. I’m putting it out there on the internet for everyone to know that I am addicted to collecting hobbies.

And making up words, apparently.

I’ve got a bad case of hobby collecting running through my veins. If there is something I can do with my hands, I want to know how to do it. Knitting, embroidery, painting, drawing, furniture making and redoing, sewing, puzzles, etc. I also work out like it is a hobby because I genuinely enjoy doing it, read, bake, sleep. (Napping is a hobby, right?) I binge hobbies. If there is a tool or supplies out there with which to make something lovely, I have it.

Recently I’ve been hit by the hobby bug in a big way. Just last night after work, I did four of them. I haven’t completed any of the projects I’ve started, but I don’t care. Sometimes it is just about the doing that I care about. With Matthew starting seminary classes again, I’ll have a little more time on my hands to hopefully finish a project and share it on here for you all. In the meantime I’ll leave with a photo of some fabric that just came in for a floor pouf I’m halfway finished with (started it tonight) and the link to the Southwest School of Art website for you to peruse. I have yet to take a class there, but it is on my list of things to do. I just know that once I start a class there, I won’t be able to stop. I’ll need a part time job to pay for the classes, ha.

Who else out there collects hobbies? We should have a meeting to discuss our addiction, while also painting, knitting, sewing, etc. Who’s with me?

Floor Pouf Fabric

3 thoughts on “A Note on Hobbies

  1. I collect hobbies, shelling, junking, I love material, paper, beads, refinishing furniture and repurposing way to much. But I cannot stop

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