Notes from the Weekend

With Matthew back at seminary, our weekend are precious and very rarely do we have the opportunity to spend it all together. This past weekend was one of those weekends and I’m actually surprised at how much we did. We hadn’t spent any significant amount of time together since Monday, so by Friday we were ready to hang out and have fun. The weather was nice so we picked up a bottle of wine from Trader Joes and headed out to Fralo’s in Boerne for some pizza and live music. We finished off the evening watching Notting Hill, one of my favorites.

On Saturday morning we were blessed with more great weather so we drove down to the Riverwalk for a morning walk. The weather was so great and so many people were out walking and jogging. I love the energy on the river on a Saturday morning. I think the city has done a great job with the expansion and had to laugh when two people we passed wondered out loud why they didn’t make the sidewalks larger. In my opinion, the sidewalks on the expansion actually are quite large, but the amount of people using them on Saturday mornings has also grown, making them seem smaller than they actually are.

Riverwalk 2 Riverwalk 1

Anyways, the weather was great and it was a beautiful start to the morning. Afterwards we went to the grocery store for a few items to make the blueberry scone. I couldn’t find arrowroot, so I had to substitute for it. We don’t eat paleo so I just used flour, but I was looking forward to branching out with this recipe so I was slightly disappointed that I couldn’t find the arrowroot and cornstarch just seemed like a strange substitute to me. I could be way wrong on that. Like I said, we don’t live by a paleo diet so I really don’t have any idea what I’m talking about. My mom’s tried a few paleo recipes and we both have trouble with the consistency being a little off. The taste of everything has been great, but the texture and consistency haven’t been what we’d been expecting or hoping for. So…I might try this recipe again. Like I said, the taste was there, but it didn’t have the same consistency of a scone that I was hoping for.

Blueberry Scone Blueberry Scone2

While the scone was baking Matthew and I worked on rearranging the office a bit. We’re still in the process of doing that, but here’s a little peek at the gallery wall behind my desk. More on that to come as we finish moving things around.


Before the A&M/Alabama game we ran to Half Price Books to sell a few and Matthew, of course, found one to buy. We then went next door to the Antiquarian Book Mart, which was fun to browse. I love old books and the artistry in some of the covers. I restrained myself from buying a few to decorate the house with, but I’m sure I’ll cave one day and buy them anyway.

We then went home to prepare for the game. Matthew made jalepeno poppers and we spent the next four hours watching the football game. Tough loss for the Ags but they played hard and I don’t think anyone who watched the game would say it wasn’t exciting. We finished off the night with a few errands and latte while we watched The Family, a quirky dark comedy, at the Palladium.

514zGhVB6uL._SX260_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_On Sunday afternoon I finally finished the floor pouf. The zipper is in, but it is far from perfect and not any where near technically correct. But as long as you don’t look too closely, you can’t really tell and I’m fine with that, though I did make a quick run to Joann’s to pick up another zipper to practice with some scrap fabric. I also picked up The Food You Crave from Barnes and Noble for some healthy inspiration in the kitchen. We finished off the weekend with a date at Starbucks, one of our favorite dates, to wind down with some tea and reading.

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